Gregory Cash’s Debut Album “Dirty Mouth” POPS!


Contact:  Greg Palumbo,, (818) 456 6838

Gregory Cash’s Debut Album “Dirty Mouth” POPS!





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Los Angeles, CA 9/23/2019 - Gregory Cash releases his debut Pop / Rock album titled “Dirty Mouth”.  Cash writes, produces and mixes his own songs and his music has a multi-generational appeal.

“Gregory Cash blows us away each week by coming to our Open Mic and writing a song in one of the practice rooms, then coming out and rocking it live.  His music is always catchy, his lyrics are meaningful and he’s a true performer.” Alan Corrao, MC, The Guitar Merchant Open Mic.

“Bravo!” - Olegna Fuschi, past director of the Juilliard School.

“I see Gregory Cash on the same stage with Justin Bieber - his music is fresh and young and he’s got that Rock Star vibe.” - Jimmy Borja, writer of Filipino hit pop songs including “Bukas Na Lank Kita Mamahalin”. 


Gregory Cash attended the Juilliard School as a classical pianist and composer.  He went on to compose and produce 27 relaxation albums that were promoted by Dr. Phil on his show.  “Dirty Mouth” is a compilation of 11 of the over 180 songs he has written over the past 4 years. What began as “learning how to produce and mix”, turned into an album of music that shows that Cash is an extremely versatile writer, producer and performer.   Each song on the album is distinct, and it is clear that he is not limited to any kind of “template”. His vocal style is unique, yet very pop / rock... and as noted by a member of the Jackson family, “that’s what it takes”.


Consider including Gregory Cash in your blogs and playlists, as this is definitely the kind of artist that has mass appeal and breakout potential.  


Contact:  Greg Palumbo,, (818) 456 6838


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